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Tuan Nguyen is an Impact Coach that has been on many stages. He is the co-founder of M21 Empowerment and a certified speaker, coach and trainer for the John Maxwell Team. He speaks and coaches in the areas of leadership, communication and growth mindsets. His program helps coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs increase their visibility in the marketplace through strategic branding and social media strategies.


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The Tuan Nguyen Story
 Speaking to 3000 coaches at IMC
My speaking debut with John Maxwell CEO Mark Cole in front 3000 coaches. As a certified speaker for John Maxwell TEAM, I speak on transformational leadership, team building, growth mindsets, and communication.
 Returning Citizens Magazine
My story from prison to purpose has captivated many audiences and landed me on my first magazine cover- Returning Citizens Magazine.
I work with several prisons in leadership development and communication. A big part of my passion is never forgetting where I evolved from.
 John Maxwell Mentorship 
Who you learn from matters! Here is glimpse of my mentorship from the John Maxwell Team. These are some heavy hitters in the coaching world, Mark Cole, Chris Robinson, Paul Martinelli, Roddy Galbraith and Christian Simpson.
The Leadership Guru
John C. Maxwell
Rocking out with my mentor John Maxwell over a VIP luncheon. John is an iconic leader that has impacted millions of leaders. This is what you call being in the proximity of greatness.
 Fox 26 News Interview Debut
This was really cool to be interviewed on the Isiah Factor for Fox 26 News. The journey keeps getting better. We talked about prisons and relationships and how coaching matters.
 Global Youth Initiative Movement
Global Youth Initiative is our mission to empower over 1 million youth by equipping them with leadership tools. I have become very passionate about working with the youth. 

Our Services

Leadershifting is the ability and willingness to make a leadership change that will positively enhance organizational and personal growth. Are you willing to shift in your leadership through our powerful masterminds?
As an associate trainer for John Maxwell's nonprofit EQUIP Leadership, our mission is to be Salt and Light. EQUIP has impacted over 7 million leaders worldwide in over 196 countries. Through our leadership roundtables, we are transforming lives to lead.
1-1 Coaching
Growth doesn't happen automatically. Learn and practice the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth and master your life by being in a growth environment. Our exclusive 1-1 coaching will test your limits and break through barriers of limiting beliefs.
Group Coaching
Let us take you on a fast track of exponential growth in our 90 Day Challenge. Our topics are on social media strategies and growth mindsets. This is for people that want to build an engaging audience through Social Media.(mainly Facebook groups)
DISC Training
Discover your unique personality and communication style through our powerful Maxwell Method of DISC training. You have to know yourself to grow yourself. This will change your life and the life of others.
Leadership Game
 This game will evaluate your team's strengths and weaknesses. This is a 2- hour facilitation for your team with a debrief. This game is best with 8-10 people but can also be played with a larger group
What People Are Saying:
What Coach Derrick Butts had to say from AssistU2Win:
This guy is like INSTANT OFFENSE!
Let me tell you something. From the first moment I heard about Tuan's story, I had to connect with him. This guy is a force to be reckon with and I highly recommend his services. As a coach myself, I am able to recognize great potential when I see it. Tuan has a special ability to communicate and inspire others. His charisma to lead groups is out of this world. He is a gamechanger and catalyst of leadership and communication. He's the Asian Persuasion. 
Tuan Nguyen and April Hawley are absolute rockstars. Their group coaching and masterminds are priceless. I had the privilege to work with Tuan on several projects. His energy is contagious. He will definitely inspire you to invest in your leadership.
- Corey Davis, TX
M21 Empowerment has been foundational in my growth as a coach because of the level of engagement they bring to the table. I have learned so much from them in such a short time. Their greatest strength is connecting to influence. 
- Laura Carcacci, FL
Movement21 Empowerment brings a high level of consistency and excellence in the delivery of all the personal development services offered which also includes Speaking. I recommend Tuan Nguyen and his team to your life changing decisions.. 
-Maggie Jean
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